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Golden Grains Pavillion

The Golden Grains pavilion at the the Royal Adelaide Show is hosting the “Ground 2 Grub” (G2G) exhibit. This exhibit showcases the South Australia’s award winning grains plus contains interactive science-based displays focusing on plant breeding for quality grain, pests in the paddock, soil health and precision agriculture.
Show goers in this pavilion get to touch, see, smell and understand the process of growing quality grain from the scientists in the lab to the farmer in the field to the food on the plate. The G2G exhibit was developed over two years with support from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society’s Grain and Fodder Committee.   This year the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine is presenting a number of hands on activities as part of G2G. These include:
  • See and taste barley exhibit: showcasing what foods barley is used in
  • Plant and soil health: come and test soil pH and see how salt effects plant growth
  • Just what does gluten do in bread?
A crucial aspect of the display presents the myriad of career opportunities for Agricultural Science Graduates.  The Show runs from 2 Sept-10 Sept 2011.

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