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Science Alive!- is the three day SA National Science Week event held in the Goyder Pavilion at the Adelaide Showgrounds from Friday 5th – Sunday 7th August.

Friday is a Secondary Schools ‘Careers focus’ day- Saturday and Sunday are general public.

The Science Alive Committee is looking for speakers to assist in a ‘Speed Networking’ activity (x 2) on:

Date: Friday, 5th August 2011
Location: Goyder Pavilion, Wayville Showgrounds
Times: 10.15am – 10.40am & 12.15pm – 12.40pm

Breakdown of the ‘Speed Networking’ activity:

  • During these events- (10.15 – 10.40, and 12.15 – 12.40), There will be ~20 chairs set out in a semi-circle around the back of the theatre with a working Scientist at each, complete with laminated A3 sheet giving name and ~ 3 words max re their science.
  • Wranglers will organise ~ 1/20th share of the students per speaker, then the Scientists will have 5 minutes to speak with their captives along the lines of how sorry they feel for all the other speakers because , “I HAVE THE BEST SCIENCE JOB IN THE WORLD!”.. here’s what I do, here’s an artefact or three from my work, my education pathway was. 1 minute for questions.
  • A blow from a whistle and all student groups (assisted by wranglers) rotate one Scientist clockwise.
  • Repeat ~4 times.
  • Speakers collapse, wranglers gently guide students into the Careers presentation seating which has, until this point been fenced off with bunting.

Current draft of Friday’s timetable:

10.15 – 11.00; speed dating and RiAUS Science Careers Presentation by Director and former Catalyst TV Presenter Paul Willis

10.15 – 10.40; speed dating (20 scientists)

10.40 – 11.00 RiAus Science Careers Presentation

11.30 – 11.50 Spectacular Chemistry Science Show

11.50 iPod draw #1 on main stage (5 mins max)

12.15 – 1.00; speed dating and RiAUS Science Careers Presentation by Director and former Catalyst TV Presenter Paul Willis

12.15 – 12.40; speed dating (20 scientists)

12.40 – 1.00 RiAus Science Careers Presentation


1.30 – 1.50 Spectacular Chemistry Science Show

1.50 iPod draw #2 on main stage (5 mins max)

Ian Maynard, one of the Science Alive Committee members for this event is coordinating the above Speed Networking activity. He needs several scientists to participate for this to work effectively.

If you are interested in helping out on the day, please contact:

Donna Montes
Marketing and Outreach (Events & Web)
Faculty of Sciences Office
The University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA 5005
Ph : +61 8 8303 4325
Fax : +61 8 8303 4386
e-mail: donna.montes@adelaide.edu.au


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Lois Harris Scholarship award

Richard Murdoch (Chair, Advisory Board of Agriculture; President, Agricultural Bureau of SA), Renee Farrow (Lois Harris Scholarship recipient) & Associate Professor Mike Keller (School of Agriculture, Food & Wine)

Renee Farrow currently studying 1st year Bachelor of Agricultural Science has been awarded the $2000 Lois Harris scholarship for academic excellence.

The Advisory Board of Agriculture (ABA)/Agricultural Bureau of South Australia announced on 23 June that Renee, who is from Coobowie on the Yorke Peninsula, is the 2011 recipient of the prestigious Lois Harris Scholarship. This scholarship is a $2000 bursary awarded to the year 12 graduate with the highest tertiary entrance score entering the University of Adelaide‘s Bachelor of Agricultural Science program. Please see the media release for more details.

The Lois Harris scholarship helps to support and encourage young people to pursue a career in agriculture. The scholarship, named in honour of the late Lois Harris, a former ABA member and will be presented at the Agricultural Bureau of SA’s AGM / Awards Night which will be held on Monday 12 September 2011

The ABA has now offered the Lois Harris scholarship for 12 years, highlighting their support for young people entering the agricultural sector. The ABA also offers a range of other scholarships and awards for young people including:

  • The ABA’s Peter Olsen Fellowship for Young Farmers provides an $8000 bursary for a young farmer to pursue further study, take a study tour or run a special project.
  • The Rural Youth Bursary provides a $5000 opportunity for young people in regional areas to pursue further study, undertake a study tour, or to develop a special project, which will ultimately benefit the rural community.

For more information please contact:

Richard Murdoch
Chair, Advisory Board of Agriculture
President, Agricultural Bureau of SA
Phone: 0419 842 419
Web: http://www.agbureau.com.au/awards

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Australian Society of Soil Science, SA Branch – Jane Gillooly Memorial Award Presentation & Lecture

Please join us at next ASSSI event for the announcement of the recipients of the 2011 Jane Gillooly Memorial Award.
This will be followed by a presentation from last year’s recipient Callie Nickolai from the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board on:
“Building an understanding of the Murray-Darling Basin – a wetland perspective”
The event will take place at 4 pm on Thursday the 7th of July in the Charles Hawker Conference Centre, Waite Campus.

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We’re looking for the best early-career research and researchers for Fresh Science 2011 and, this year, for AMP’s Tech on Tap.

Fresh Science serves as a communication boot camp for early-career researchers – getting their stories out to local, national and international media, and teaching them essential communication skills.

This year we will be holding state finals so we can expose more young scientists across the country to the Fresh Science experience. Short-listed entrants will be invited to the State finals which will include a day of media training in their home state. The top candidates will then be flown to Melbourne for the Fresh Science National Final.

We won’t hold finals in every state – our final choice will be dictated by nomination numbers, quality of nominations and sponsorship. But entries from every state and territory will be eligible for the National Final.

In essence we’re looking for:

  • early-career researchers (from honours students to no more than five years post-PhD)
  • a peer-reviewed discovery which has had no media coverage
  • some ability to present ideas in everyday English.

This year we are also offering an additional opportunity for research students (doing honours, masters, PhD as of June 2010). AMP invites nominations for their Sydney-based ‘Tech on Tap’ competition – with a $5,000 prize for the winning entry.  They’re not worried about media coverage and they also provide a training program.

Nominations for Fresh Science and AMP’s Tech on Tap are now open and close 5pm, Wednesday 30 March 2011.

  • Fresh Science State finals will be held 18 April-6 May
  • The National Fresh Science event will be held in Melbourne 6-9 June 2011
  • AMP’s Tech on Tap will be held on Monday 6 June 2011 in Sydney

Please circulate this information to anyone who you think would fit the criteria.

Below is further information on how and why to nominate. You can read more at www.freshscience.org.au

Now in its 14th year, Fresh Science is supported by the Federal Government, New Scientist and Museum Victoria.

As we grow Fresh Science in 2011, we are also open to new partnership approaches.

If anyone from the Waite is thinking of nominating (or has already nominated) please contact Heather Bray so any nominations from AFW can be tracked. Heather is also able to provide editorial feedback/advice to people preparing nominations if desired.

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AFW Students at the Mannum Science Forum

On Monday March 21 2011, students from the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine attended a free science forum in Mannum organised by the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board (Ranges to River NRM Group). Presenters included Dr Wendy Umberger from the University of Adelaide (Lecturer in Agri Food and Wine Business) and the one day forum explored issues around farming sustainability and the technologies that are transforming our agricultural practices. The global problems of food security were also discussed. For more information please visit the SAMDBNRM website. Podcasts will later be made available here.

Audience at the Mannum Science Forum

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Dr Tim March

Dr Tim March

Each year the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry supports Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. These awards recognise innovative scientific projects proposed by 18-35 year olds that will contribute to the ongoing success and sustainability of Australia’s agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries.

This year eleven scientists from across Australia were successful and the awards were presented at the ABARES Outlook Conference Dinner in Canberra on Tuesday 1 March. Of the eleven awards, two were to scientists from the Waite Campus.

Dr Timothy March of the Barley Group in the School of Agriculture, Food & Wine won the Grains Research and Development Corporation Award, and Dr Matteo Marangon from the Australian Wine Research Institute won the Grape and Wine Research Development Corporation Award. The awards are worth up to $22,000.

Tim March has been instrumental in the development of a new genotyping assay called Hi-SELECT, intended to be an open-source, user-customisable assay, capable of genotyping up to 386 plants with 1526 genetic markers simultaneously. He will use his award to present his findings at the 2011 Barley Technical Symposium in September and internationally at the 2012 Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego in January 2012.

Matteo Marangon is working on developing a better understanding of the cause of protein haze formation in white wines, thereby allowing wine makers to refine and reduce their use of betonite fining in the winemaking process, leading to more economically and environmentally sustainable practices. Working with a French laboratory, Matteo will use his award to examine the interactions between proteins and other components responsible for forming protein haze, and to develop a predictive model for protein instability in white wines. He will share his findings through publication in scientific and industry journals, and through the AWRI Road Show.

Congratulations to both of these fine scientists on their recognition through these prestigious awards.

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